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Posted by Gerard Bennett on 06 July 2017 12:39 PM

Dear Customer:

We are in the process of reorganising our Customer Support services and would ask for your patience as we implement these changes.  Our main support number is now +353 1 612 0922.  If you call this number, you will be asked if you have already set up a ticket.  If you have not, then you will be asked to first do this.  Once the ticket has been created, you will receive an automated acknowledgement and your ticket will be routed for initial assessment.

It is critical that the ticket includes information on the problem or question.  Attachments without explanation or "please call" pose a challenge in terms of our assessement of the action that we need to take to resolve your issue so the more information that you can provide, with a useful description, then the better that we will be able to serve you.  If there is no information or insufficient information, then we may, after assessing the ticket, reply with a request for this so that we can fully assess the issue.

Our assessment of the ticket will allow us to schedule the resources and actions required and we do this based on business impact.  For example, if Fleetminder cannot be accessed by any user, then this would result in a very speedy response from our support team.  In this way, we ensure that your issue is resolved in the quickest time possible.

Finally and to emphasise, it is very important that every issue is first raised by sending a ticket to  This ensures that the issue is properly managed and tracked and that, when management intervention is required, that all necessary information is to hand 24/7.  

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me at

We value your business and we are commited to ensuring that you obtain maximum value from your investment in Fleetminder.

Yours faithfully,


T. Gerard Bennett

General Manager

ASC Software Limited


58 Le Broquay Avenue

Parkwest Industrial Estate

Dublin 12, Ireland


+353 1 612 0922






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