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Posted by Gerard Bennett on 02 May 2017 02:54 PM

Dear Customer:

We have recently become aware of a change introduced by Sage with the release of V23.1.  (Note that this refers SPECIFICALLY to V23.1 and NOT to V23).

Although initial information from Sage stated that no change is required to Sagelink, it now seems that this information is not correct and there is an additional currency setting that is required.  This currency setting has implications for both Euro and GBP customers.  

Sagelink for the 2017 version of Sage will work with V23 but Sage V23.1 will reject Fleetminder transactions.

We are currently working on identifying a change that will meet the revised specification for Sage V23.1 and as soon as this becomes available, we will send out a notification.

In the meantime, please DO NOT USE Sage V23.1 with Fleetminder as Sage will not allow these transactions to post.  

If further information is required, please contact our support services.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this might cause; unfortunately it is outside of our control and putting in place a workaround is a priority for us

Best regards,


T. Gerard Bennett

General Manager

ASC Software Limited.