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Posted by Gerard Bennett on 03 October 2014 02:45 PM

October 3, 2014.

ASC Software / Fleetminder announces the availability of our new Vehicle History Portal.

In an era when compliance is a priority for all stakeholders in the commercial vehicle market, the need to have 24/7 access to vehicle history is fast becoming a significant priority.

It is also being recognised that providing this level of access to your customers gives you, as a Fleetminder user, a selling point that distinguishes you from the competition and with few exceptions, allows you to provide to your customers a service that they cannot obtain elsewhere.  This means that if he decides to bring his business elsewhere, then he must assess and take into account, the cost to his business of losing this invaluable access. For those seeking to increase their business, it adds a new, topical, and exciting new service into the portfolio of services that you offer.

With the release of the Fleetminder Vehicle History Portal, it is now possible for users of the Fleetminder software to provide access by your customers to their vehicle history with the only requirement being that your customer must have access to a web browser. Once authorised and set up, your customer can log onto the Vehicle History Portal at any time of the day or night, enter a vehicle registration number, and request the maintenance and service history for that vehicle.

There are a number of options available, including the ability to enter start and / or end dates for the history.  If permitted by you (when the customer is initially authorised for access), you can allow your customer to request and receive the associated financial information in the history report and to obtain a copy of the associated invoice for any specific job. 

Security is a concern for all businesses and in this context, it is important to state that at no time will your customer have access to your server and database. The Fleetminder Vehicle History Portal is a secure, cloud-based application. Once a request is made, then this is managed by the Portal through a highly secure connection to your Fleetminder database that only connects to our cloud.

The Fleetminder Vehicle History Portal is a subscription-based service. There is a very small initial set-up fee and thereafter, two small monthly fees, a hosting fee, paid by the Fleetminder customer and then a customer fee, payable in respect of every customer granted access by you to the portal. Currently, there is no limit to the number of vehicles that a customer may access through the portal. The norm in those industries that provide their customers with a similar model of direct access to cloud apps is that the customer pays the subscription fee but of course, and depending on your business model, this might be paid by you on some occasions.

The addition of the Fleetminder Vehicle History Portal to the Fleetminder portfolio represents a significant new value-add to the product, and new optional functionality that will allow you, as a Fleetminder customer, to offer a service to your customer that is second to none.

If you would like further information about the Fleetminder Vehicle History Portal, then please contact me - or call me directly on +353 87 942 2371. 


T. Gerard Bennett

General Manager

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